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About the Owner

Azhar Malik: A Legacy in News Journalism

Azhar Malik is a known figure in the world of news journalism, with a rich experience that spans across several renowned news channels. With a passion for delivering accurate and impactful news, Azhar has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Throughout his career, Azhar has worked with esteemed news channels such as News India, HNN 24*7, K News India, and more. His dedication to quality reporting and unbiased coverage has earned him a reputation as a trustworthy journalist.

Currently, Azhar Malik continues his journey in news journalism as a vital member of the Bharat 24 news channel. His insights, professionalism, and commitment to journalistic ethics continue to shape the landscape of news reporting.

As the owner of THE GREAT NEWS, Azhar brings his vast expertise to our platform, ensuring that the news delivered to our readers is of the highest quality and integrity.